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Illinois Archeology Awareness Month
September 2016

This year's theme is:

You're Just my Type!
Artifact Typology, Form and Function

2016 poster

The 2016 poster.
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2016 poster

Archaeologists organize artifacts into types based on the category of material (such as stone, clay, or bone), possible function or functions based on morphology and type of modification. Once critical for determining chronological sequences, artifact types, along with their associated contexts provide insights into the technological and social realm of past societies. How have recent studies of detailed material composition, use wear, and deposition context broadened our view of artifact interpretation? What is the role of experimental archaeology in altering previous classifications? What kinds of artifacts, once overlooked, are now analyzed to provide new information How do we interpret unexpected or unusual artifacts that do not fit in with our preconceived notions? We hope that you enjoy this year's poster!

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